Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Guide To Surviving Medicare Rates

If we consider the budgetary formula enacted in 1997 by the Congress, Medicare reimbursements might get reduced by 25% by 2014. A large number of doctors are already refusing to see Medicare patients due to low payment and with this further reduction, more doctors might refuse to accept Medicare patients.

It has been estimated that by 2019, doctors under Medicare will get lower payment than doctors under Medicaid. Due to lack of effective solutions, practices are either opting out of Medicare or limiting the number of Medicare patients.
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How is Medicare fee cut affecting healthcare providers?

Doctors will have to face huge loss in terms of revenue due to slash in Medicare payment rates

The fee cut will also affect insurance companies and private health insurers that have a contract with Medicare

Slash in payment rates will force physicians to leave health plan networks as it will harm the payments doctors can get from the plan

Hospitals and nursing facilities will also have to operate at a loss due to the reduction in Medicare rates. According to experts, under the new law, reductions in Medicare payment will result in hospitals, home health agencies and nursing facilities to operate at 15% loss by 2019, 25% by 2030 and 40% by 2050

If liability insurance carriers are not paying you for the services on a regular basis and patients are pursuing legal actions to recover their civil liability claims, your practice maybe in serious trouble. You will have to ensure that immediate corrective measures are taken such as auditing of documentation and coding or auditing of your marketing strategies.

You are being considered a fraudulent provider if your liability insurance carrier is taking pre-litigation depositions of you or your patients. Also, if multiple complaints have been filed against you with the state licensing board, you need to invest time in assessing the complaints and finding ways to comply with the state laws.

There is no doubt that Medicare rates are getting difficult to survive but some physicians or medical practices cannot opt out of Medicare as they are more dependent on it than others. In order to make ends meet, these practices have to see at least 30 or more patients in a day which increases their work pressure.

New coding and billing changes have come up due to the transition from fee-for-service model to value-based payment model. This has also impacted doctors under Medicare. With an increase in coding and billing challenges, cases of low reimbursement and payment denials are also rising. Since Medicare is very restrictive in claim approvals, it is likely to reject a claim more than private insurance plans.

To make sure that no disruption is caused to the revenue cycle it becomes essential for practices to deal with insurance companies regularly. Quality training is also required to ensure that the in-house staff is submitting claims with accuracy, error-free billing and coding is being done and timely follow-ups are being made to maintain steady cash flow.

How to survive these challenges?

Slash in payments rates amidst increased patient number and medical coding and billing complexities has become too much to handle for small and medium-sized practices. They are seeking help from a billing partner to overcome Medicare rate challenges and to handle vital tasks like claim submission, coding, billing, follow-ups, documentation and compliance to HIPAA.

Medicalbillersandcoders.com has the largest consortium of billers and coders who have been helping practices focus on patient care while they handle important administrative tasks including coding and billing for Medicare patients. Apart from streamlining billing operations, MBC also helps with staff training and provides assistance in dealing with complexities of EHR, EMR and ICD-10.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Short Romper

Once when fashion was born from a rudimentary need, whether or not it was comfort, beauty or simplicity. A lot of the trends we view today, attended into fashion with a particular time when it was felt as being a necessity. An excellent illustration showing this can be a corset, which entered mainstream fashion because of a women's must entice a potential partner. It helped in slimming her figure and making her very attractive. Another such garment that got their start in a specialized need, was cheap cute rompers.

Featuring its origins as a result of '90's, rompers were basically utilized by kids as a result of comfort they provided. It meant an outfit much like a coverall which was loose fitting and relaxed. Later worn by adults also, this garment then found encompass one-piece tankinis also referred to as as rompers.

Possessing a very naught connotation, a romper is really a single piece brazilian bikini in stretch fabric within designs. At our store, we have the beautiful rhinestone short jumper in bold colours for example black together with soft feminine colours like blue. Having a quite easy design, the bodice is tied by strings behind and it is joined to the panty that has been embellished with beautiful rhinestones.

With summer being the best time to get a beautiful tan while flaunting those sexy legs, the romper assists in enhancing a female's figure and attracting appreciation of her beautiful and toned back. Beachwear nowadays comes in numerous designs and shades, and although the romper may be there for your very long time, it really never seems to leave fashion.

Perfect as a beach wear, these rompers also can create other attractive uses, one of these being in one's own space, the bedroom. Following a hectic day, if you wish to have yourself as well as your partner inside the mood, wearing one such outfit will make sure that definitely happens.

The romper can certainly be worn with other outfits, including tights or net dresses, providing them with an altogether different and casual look. You are able to therefore go from the shore to your feast or simply create a casual stroll, while being very confident of the fact that everybody's eyes are glued back.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Where To Find An Indigo Powder And Natural Herbs

When talking about health concerns, you will always deal with treatments and Herbs. Most of the time, people would prefer taking natural treatment to ensure that they will be safe and free from any side effects. If you want to explore and discover further beyond these herbs and natural remedies, you have to take note of the following information indicated below. This will help you get more interested to learn other important facts about it. 
On the other hand, you may also discover about other herbs and natural remedies that are focused on different treatments or solutions. You are going to learn some of them as you continue reading.

What is Indigo?

Indigo has been used in making hair black and jeans blue. This is also used in making copper brown, mahogany, browns and even some dark colors. Indigo or indigofera has been the flowering plant. This is also smell just like the frozen peas and it has been a blue/green powder. 
In addition, Indigo powder has been utilized in creating luscious deep reds, mahogany, brown, and jet black hair color. It can be mixed quickly and easily while it works amazingly for the hair. Certain individuals may apply indigo power by itself in order to achieve permanent black. Others still have to apply indigo and henna. This actually varies on the individuals hair condition. 

Supplements by Baba Ramdev 

The supplements of Baba Ramdev have been pure herbs with ayurvedic formulations that are all unique. These have been distributed by trusted and large pharmacies to the consumers. There were numerous ayurvedic supplements that were proven effective in helping several people in remaining healthy. 

Baba Ramdev Supplements can treat even the most stubborn problems and conditions in health like blood pressure, kidney problems, depression, arthritis pain, paralysis, and diabetes. The supplements introduced by Baba Ramdev intended for beauty care gained popularity due to their incredible results provided with no adverse side effects. 

Mukta Vati
People who are suffering from high blood pressure feel great devastation in their lives. Drug treatments might work in controlling the symptoms. However, it usually products another problem while on a devastating condition. 
One possible way to overcome it is to take Mukta Vati which has been drug-free. It is totally safe and natural and provides amazing benefits to the users. With this formula, the body will quickly respond to such natural solution. It is also addressing the main cause of hypertension in the body. 

Madhunashini Vati
Madhunashini Vati has been highly effective and powerful herbal supplement which is capable of controlling diabetes in a natural way. This helps the body achieve good control of levels of blood sugar while it increases the secretion of insulin from the pancreas. Diabetes can reduce the whole body vitality including the blood vessels and nerves. The regular madhunashini course can enhance the entire health. At the same time, it protects the heart, eyes, kidneys, nerves, and blood vessels. 
With your basic knowledge about these natural herbs and supplements, you can easily prevent any infection or protect your health.